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The next bioterrorism threat is not making the news. It is coming silently, irreversibly, from a place no one is watching.

     Montana veterinarian Jacklin Steele has stumbled  on a problem with more questions than answers.  All over the country, young dogs are dying—of old age.  Jack discovers the dogs are not dying from disease. They are dying by design.  Before long, people around her begin to perish under questionable circumstances.  Jack soon realizes danger is closing in as she approaches the truth.

     But Jack has a secret of her own.  One that haunts her and has devastated her family.  Seeking the truth could cost Jack her life. Looking the other way could cost everything.

Dr. Jack Steele is on a collision course with The Canis Project.


The Story Behind the Story

I'd like to write a novel, I said.

How difficult  could it be?

After all, I've read lots of novels. 

typewriter website.gif

. . . Or maybe like this

writing on beach website.webp

My days will look like this. . .

Writing place for author

 Several years ago, I began writing the story that had  been bouncing around my mind.

writers group website.jpeg
stack of open books website.jpeg

I joined a writers' group and attended conferences. I studied books on the writing craft.

Within a short  time, my writing activity looked like this. . .

dusting off book website (2).jpg

Finally, I decided to finish the manuscript.

I pictured this. . .

website latte and laptop.jpeg
writer organization

Reality  was more like this.

Or this. . .

writer or author frustration
microscope website.jpg
GSD5 (2).jpg

Just me and my characters in a fictional world doing make-believe things.

No sooner had I typed those precious words,

"The End"

when  my fictional world became the real one.

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Welcome to


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Photo credit C. Reynolds

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Devan Taylor Rylie is a pseudonym. The author is a retired veterinarian. Born and raised in Alaska,she has also lived in  Montana, Idaho and in an off-grid home in rural British Columbia.

Devan spent teenage summers as a  horse wrangler. She worked her way through college as a zookeeper. She has been a raptor rehabilitator and a dog musher.

The author wishes to acknowledge the hours of dedication and tireless effort (i.e., napping) of the office assistants in the creation of this novel.